måndag 15 oktober 2012

Mitt tal i Tallinn

"My name is Carina Boberg and I am Commissioner for the City of Linköping. My areas of responsibility include children and young people, schools and education and labour market.
According to the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship in the field of education, our children and young people shall develop the skills and knowledge to start and run a business.
However, the schools are also tasked to develop and stimulate general skills such as:

• Being aware of opportunities
• Being creative
• Taking initiative
• Putting ideas into action
• and finally, taking responsibility

The Regional associations in the county of Östergötland developed a strategy in 2010 for "Entrepreneurship in the School". And during this autumn Linkoping is expected to approve a goal document outlining Entrepreneurship to be taught in all schools.

For me as a politician, it is important to send schools the signal that this approach in the classroom is just as important as having the knowledge itself. It is about identifying and developing students' innate curiosity, initiative and self-confidence from an early age.
As we can all probably agree on: awareness of entrepreneurship should start as early as possible.

In Linköping, we will:
Initiate and develop cooperation between the schools and our University
This is a cooperation which really needs to happen! We must train our teachers to create an entrepreneurial thinking that permeates the whole school.

Develop a concept of mentorships for our students
This has already been introduced in the project Summer Industries. These companies are run and operated by students aged 16-18 years during a summer and is a collaboration between the Department for Education, Linköping municipality´s own Business Development organisation and Mentor companies located in and around Linköping

Maintaining relations with industry
Developing relationships with the business sector is especially important for Primary schools as they do not have a natural means of contact as the Upper Secondary schools.

There is a great need to focus on our attitudes relating to entrepreneurship, as well as to identify opportunities and obstacles. Finding the "bottleneck" that prevents further development such as lack of time for teachers and teacher training, but also the inadequate governance of our politicians.
Cooperation between the schools and the local community is seen as fundamental to the promotion of entrepreneurship in schools.

And for me as Chairman of our Upper Secondary Schools with the additional responsibility for labour market issues, I see a clear connection between the need to develop and promote creativity and to gain a foothold in the professional life as an adult.

Neither Linköping, Sweden nor Europe benefit from ignoring the energy that exists among our children and young people. Entrepreneurial young people create the future of Europe, through them, we gain increased employment and growth in the regions. A lifelong learning that begins at a young age and helps children and young people to achieve personal and professional goals."

Nästa gång lägger jag in lite foton på den svenska gruppen/Carina

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